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Novitec is back at it again, this time squeezing even more potential out of a 765LT from McLaren. The Novitec McLaren 765LT can launch like a rocket, hitting 62 miles per hour from a dead stop in only 2.5 seconds. It can even reach a top speed of over 205 mph. How do they do it?

For starters, they manage to crank 855 horsepower out of the twin-turbo 4.0L V8 engine. Novitec accomplishes this feat through three different tuning stages. They use an ultra-lightweight inconel exhaust system to help make this possible. Of course, it makes the engine roar like a beast while the spooling of the turbos sings along in screaming harmony. 

In case you are not sure what inconel is, it is an alloy metal used often in Formula 1 racing. It is lighter than titanium. Every McLaren has racing heritage, this one breathes it. 

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Vossen wheels tailor the aggressive stance with authority while Novitec’s custom aerodynamic enhancements reduce drag as you fly. Even the interior features plenty of customization, including your choice from a wide variety of available colors. Novitec only uses premium materials, including the finest Alcantara and leather available.

It would not make sense to make this supercar so fast without adding suspension and handling reinforcements. Novitec sport springs keep it tight while lowering the ride height by 20 millimeters. The lower center of gravity improves handling while keeping you planted while cornering hard. 

You may think your stock McLaren is fast enough. One meeting with a Novitec McLaren 765LT will change your mind. Don’t let that kind of embarrassment happen to you. You bought a McLaren to be the best, now it is time to keep being the best. Novitec will keep you on top of the hill. 

To find out more details about the various stages of tuning Novitec offers for your 765LT, check out their website. Everything else is going to be in your rear-view mirror from now on. 

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