Oakley MSK3

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It’s out there. The perfect mask. One that doesn’t slip down everytime you open your mouth. One that isn’t squashing your nose while making your glasses fit all weird. Once that looks — as much as possible — cool. Eyewear aficionados Oakley developed the MSK3 to deliver most, if not all, of those face-covering wishlist action items. 

To start, it has a semi-rigid mask body to hold the mask away from your face, minimizing smashing while maximizing comfortable breathing. At the top of the mask, there’s a medical-grade silicone gasket with an eyewear channel for your glasses and an adjustable nose bridge to create a seal. Like any good mask, the straps are adjustable. No trying to tie those maddeningly tiny knots at the ends of the straps to make it fit. 

Then there’s filtration, the function the mask is there to perform in the first place. The MSK3 comes with two different filters, a reusable filter for everyday use, and a high-performance single-use filter for when you want to dial the protection factor up to ten. As for looks, the form factor and mesh exterior lend a little jet fighter face-piece mystique. Especially when teamed up with a cool pair of Oakley shades. 

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Black Friday Sales