Oars + Alps Wake Up Eye Stick

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The farther you get into adulthood, the more chances you get to develop under eye circles. Decided to have kids? Oh, you can count on puffy eyes for at least a decade. Management role at work? Yep, your eyes are going to move one step closer to looking like the crypt keeper’s. But heck, even just everyday stresses are enough to leave the space under your eyes looking worn out.

So what can you do to turn back the hands of time? Rely on the one thing that makes mornings bearable: Caffeine. Oars + Alps uses a generous dose of caffeine in their Wake Up Eye Stick, where it has the miraculous effect of toning, tightening, and waking up your skin. A couple swipes per day, and you’re 90 percent guaranteed to see noticeable under eye improvements in just a week.

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