OBRA Heavy Suede Chukka

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Think for a moment on the standard chukka boot: Suede or leather uppers. A small heel rise. Cool, casual style that’s easy to match with just about any pair of pants.

Those are all wonderful qualities to ask for in a boot—but in comparison to the many other styles of durable, hard-wearing boots, chukkas have developed something of a reputation for being fragile. It’s a shame really, as the style is so easy to use as an everyday, go anywhere boot.

OBRA is turning that fragility on its head with their Heavy Suede Chukkas, thoughtfully redesigned to eliminate the weak points usually associated with the style. They’re big, bold, and durable, with comfort and support that will rival your favorite pair of hiking boots. That’s the best of all worlds, combining style, comfort, and durability into one good-looking boot.

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