Oclu 4K Action Camera

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Tiny, brilliant actions cams didn’t begin and end with GoPro, as OCLU seeks to prove with their next-gen, 4K mobile cam that mounts to your helmet, your surfboard, the hood of your car, or pretty much anywhere else you want to capture your adventures for posterity.  With five years of research and design, not to mention multiple prototypes backing this camera, it’s sure to wow, and that starts with aerodynamic, low-profile contours that offer unobtrusive, stay-put placement.

The shell is IPX7 water resistant, and when you add OcShell protection, you can dunk it up to 50m (165 ft) and enjoy a hydrophobic coating that actively repels water.  Control the cam with your smartphone, quick toggle through four shooting modes, and enjoy features like burst, motion record, time lapse, live cut, and more.  A myriad of accessories take OCLU anywhere, and bundles make it easy to plan for ocean, snow, and other outdoor adventures.

“Aerodynamic, low-profile contours that offer unobtrusive, stay-put placement.”

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