Old Forester 2020 Birthday Bourbon

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When you taste a great bourbon — heck, when you catch the aroma of a truly great bourbon — you just know. And when said bourbon has essentially been 150 years in the making, well, we’d wager you’ll know right away that it’s one of the best bourbons you’ve ever tried. Such is the case with the Old Forester 2020 Birthday Bourbon, the 20th edition of Old Forester’s Birthday Bourbon — and one that’s been finely crafted to celebrate 150 years of bourbon distilling excellence. How’s that for a proper birthday celebration, ehh?

Released to commemorate founder George Gavin Brown’s September 2nd birthday, this 95-proof bourbon is made up of 95 bourbon barrels aged 10 years. As if those weren’t impressive enough qualities, the output is so limited, it represents just one day’s allotment of Old Forester. That’s a bourbon worth snapping up right now, because it won’t be around for long.

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