Oliver Peoples x Gregory Peck Sunglasses

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It shouldn’t really come as any surprise that one of the most stylish and revered actors of a generation is now making a comeback in a unique way — through a truly eye-catching, striking and stylish sunglasses collaboration that pays homage to his style in a way all its own. That’s what led Oliver Peoples to craft the Oliver Peoples x Gregory Peck Sunglasses, as cool and ingenious a way to nod to a screen legend as you’ll find these days.

Whereas some sunglasses collaborations can feel a bit forced, the Gregory Peck offering is classy, sharp, highly stylish and perfectly suited to today’s modern man. Releasing just in time for spring and summer, we can see these sunglasses (designed in partnership with the Peck Estate) working wonders with a khaki suit, a chambray dress shirt and rich leather loafers.

The style inspiration is every bit what Peck wore in the iconic movie “To Kill A Mockingbird,” and if you’re a fan of that movie (or purely of iconic style), then these could be your new favorite sunglasses.

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