Olivina Men Bourbon Cedar Bar Soap

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For every boy, there comes a day of reckoning. On this day he must look himself in the mirror and say, “enough of this, I’m a man now,” as he dramatically throws his Axe Body Wash back into the trash from whence it came, vowing to never again leave his home smelling like a Linkin Park concert. Then, of course, he’s got to find some new soap. That’s where Olivina Men comes in.

Olivina Men Bourbon Cedar Bar Soap is a 6oz bar that works hard. Ground olive stone and kaolin clay are added to a base blend of hemp seed, olive, and grapeseed oils to give your skin an exfoliating deep clean. Certified sustainable palm oil and shea butter are also added to the mix, delivering just the right amount of hydration to prevent over-drying. The Bourbon Cedar scent hits all the right notes of woodsy warmth and spice and, most importantly, it does so subtly. Will you smell good? Sure will. Will people two blocks away know about it? No, sir. – Buy It

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