Ooni Koda Portable Pizza Oven

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Maybe science hasn’t proven it, but we consider it a fact anyway: food cooked outside tastes better. Burgers and dogs and ears of corn have long held dominion over the backyard menu, while al fresco pizza was the domain of those lucky enough to have a brick oven out back. No more. The Koda portable pizza oven from Ooni is a propane-powered and sleek-looking beast that fires up to 932°F and cooks a Neapolitan-style pie in one minute.

The compact size, twenty-pound weight, and basically non-existent assembly (just fold out the legs, insert the baking stone, and hook up your LP) make the oven an anywhere, anytime kind of appliance. Gather people, gather ingredients, roll out some dough, and soon you’ll be serving up made-to-order customized pizzas to everyone you know.

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