Orbitkey x Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker

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Is there anything worse than losing your keys? Of course there is. Traffic tickets come to mind. And marshmallow Peeps (apologies to Peeps lovers). But being completely, entirely ready to go, without a lot of time to spare, and realizing you can’t find your keys is pretty high up on the list of things that suck. Luckily we live in a time when a homing beacon not much larger than a key itself can be attached to your stuff, rendering it unloseable. 

The OrbitKey Bluetooth Tracker is an unobtrusive black fob that clings to your keyring with a tassel and uses an app on your phone to make your keys ring loud and clear so you can find them wherever it was you left them — atop the toilet tank, in the crisper drawer, in pants at the bottom of the laundry basket — so you can get out the door. 

The fob works the other way too. If you have it but not your phone, a push on the OrbitKey Tracker will make your phone ring. The battery is a standard replaceable cr1620 battery and the fob will work with most smartphones running later OS editions of either iPhone or Android.

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