Orbitkey Nest

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We can’t stress how vital it is to find the right way to store your everyday carry essentials — and these days, throwing your keys and gear on the counter isn’t going to cut it.  While there’s something to be said for the rugged craftsmanship inherent in a beautiful leather valet tray, perhaps there’s a way to get that critical EDC storage with more modern functionality built in … and that’s where the Orbitkey Nest comes into play.

Available for pre-funding right now (and quite popular at that), the Orbitkey Nest provides both wireless charging and a handy, transportable, carry-friendly design to hold your gear on the go. The top lid allows you to store must-have gear close at hand, while the internal compartment serves as handy storage for the rest of your hardware — and dividers within the internal compartment offer up even more carrying and storage potential. The only thing left to do? Pre-fund it right now, then get ready to see your EDC improve in a hurry.

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