Oskar Blues Death By Flapjacks English Porter

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We can think of worse ways to shuffle off this mortal coil than pancake-induced demise. Oskar Blues, the brewery possibly most famous for bravely beginning the craft brew can craze, just released this breakfast-inspired porter. Death by Flapjacks English Porter is dark, dark, dark and filled with things you’d be happy to find on your shortstack at your favorite breakfast joint—maple syrup, vanilla, honey, and nutmeg. 

If that cornucopia of breakfast flavors isn’t enough, Death By Flapjacks is also brewed with lactose, a sugar that’s unfermentable by yeast—instead of converting to alcohol, it stays behind to add a creamy sweetness. Then, just to cleanse the palate a bit, there’s a kick of lemon that cuts through the sweetness and leaves you wanting more. We’re calling this more proof that beer is a great way to start the day

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