Outlier Runweight Merino T-Shirt

Outlier Runweight Merino T-Shirt

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Outlier is making the case that your workout gear doesn’t have to be decidedly unstylish — in fact, Outlier is making the case that the gear you wear to work out in can also be worn for other pursuits (provided it’s clean, that is). Take the brand’s Runweight Merino T-Shirt, for instance — made with 17.5. Micron merino and a poly blend, this tee performs effectively in the heat of summer or inside your local gym.

The brand calls merino “nature’s finest performance fabric,” with the ability to manage moisture, odor and temperature. Outlier notes that this balanced fabric blend harnesses the best of performance and style — the range of neural, easy-to-wear colors definitely reflects that. Although these T-shirts look simple, they pack a serious punch in any situation; we’d even try one of these under a khaki cotton blazer with some light wash jeans this coming spring; trust us, they’re that good. – $88


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