Outside Van Power Station

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You have two ways of making sure your vanlife van has everything you want: Build it yourself, or have someone build it for you. Option one may save you some coin, but we’re betting these guys will do your conversion far faster.

They are Outside Van from Oregon and building deluxe vans with custom-tailored features is their thing. Among the vans they’ve designed and built is this one: the Power Station, based on a 2016 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500. Specifically geared for an e-bike enthusiast, this conversion offers a bay for storing and charging two electric bikes, plus two Zamp Solar 100 watt flexible panels, a 2000 watt Magnum inverter and two extreme capacity AGM batteries.

Inside there’s an Isotherm refrigerator, bamboo cabinetry and a Vitamix, with a bench seat and table for eating, a queen-size latex mattress for sleeping and storage everywhere. You might be able to do a van conversion yourself. Just probably not this well. Learn more at Outside Van.

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