OXO Kitchen Prep Set

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Have you ever gone camping and realized that your can opener conveniently decided to stay at home? That’ll make dinner prep a bit more interesting. While that could be considered “part of the charm” of camping, no one likes the thought of using sticks and stones as your impromptu kitchen utensils. Luckily, OXO has you covered with their Kitchen Prep Set.  

The OXO Kitchen Prep Set allows you to cook some gourmet meals out in nature, and includes a double-sided cutting board, can opener, a Santoku 5.5 inch knife, two durable and leak-proof bottles, 10.5 inch stainless steel tongs, a silicone spoon, silicone flipper, and a silicone mat for resting your tools (or using as a pot holder).

Price: $100

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