Perrin Brewing 98 Problems IPA

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The title is nearly as attention-grabbing as the beer when it comes to the Perrin Brewing 98 Problems IPA, and we’ll raise a glass to that. In today’s quickly growing craft beer market, standing out the right way comes down to the quality of the beer, the way it’s presented, and the environment in which you get to enjoy it — Perrin Brewing checks all three of those boxes quite handily.

It also doesn’t hurt that Perrin is located a stone’s throw from “Beer City U.S.A.” (that’d be Grand Rapids), and it’s with that lineage in mind that the 98 Problems IPA really shines.

West Coast hops meet Michigan Cascade hops, imparting a pleasingly bitter finish that should act as a nice counterpoint when you need to switch things up from seriously heavy (yet delicious) juice bombs. Perrin calls its work “liquid craftsmanship,” and we think that moniker is pretty fitting, indeed. The resulting beer here is one that could become your new favorite IPA.

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