Perrin Beer City Rye IPA

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Beer is often called liquid bread—but Perrin’s Beer City Rye IPA takes that phrase so, so much further.

This collaboration with Beer City Bread Co. starts with loaves of rye bread, each made with beer as their leavening agent. Then, those beer-baked breads are turned back around and used to add a zippy, spicy, and toasted aroma to the Rye IPA. It’s bread, that’s made with beer, that makes a beer made with bread (say that five times fast).

And how does this unique brew taste? Absolutely delicious. At eight percent alcohol, it carries through the warm flavors of toasted bread and caraway seed, then balances them with a generous addition of resinous American hops. Sip carefully, lest you eat and drink your weight in bread.

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