Perrin Brewing Low Rise IPA

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You’d think, or at least hope, that spending this extra time at home would have us learning second languages and finishing up the screenplay/album/model ship we’ve been working on. But nope. It seems there’s just many more hours of binge watching paired with unhealthy amounts of social media. Also the desire to nudge beer hour from 5 o’clock to 3 is getting harder to ignore. Which is why session IPAs seem like they were tailor-made for 2020. 

Low Rise IPA from Perrin Brewing is one of two low-ABV IPAs from the Michigan brewery, the other being their No Problems IPA with a 4.5% ABV. Low Rise is even lower at 4%, but like all quality, low-buzz IPAs, the flavor is 100%. With generous hop goodness from juicy Citra hops, it’s the kind of beer you can crack open at 3PM and not be asleep by 8. Also at just 100 calories per, it’ll help us all keep the Quarantine 15 in check. 

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