Pin-Up Houses Off-Grid HC Container House

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The way Pin-Up Houses sees it, you plus plans plus materials equals a tiny home to call your very own. Of course, you’ll need to multiply the whole equation by time and factor in the square root of your patience. Skill and knowhow, however, those can be added in along the way. 

The great thing about deciding to build the Off-Grid HC Container House is you’re starting out with a shipping container. Suddenly, structural framing skills aren’t all that important. You can pick up a 20 foot container as called for in the plans for about $6,000. The rest of the materials are estimated to run you another $15,000. 

Since the house is completely off-grid, you’ll install solar panels, set up rain catchment, and install a wood stove. There’s even a pulley system to open and close the drawbridge-style door that creates an external patio to extend your 130 square feet of living space by another 69 square feet. 

Buying the plans is the easy part. (So is acquiring a shipping container.) The tough part is applying a good portion of your disposable time to building yourself a tiny steel and wood oasis. But as someone who’s had their fair share of off-grid building experience, I can assure you there’s no more satisfying feeling than walking into something you built yourself. 

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