Pinch Provisions Gym Kit

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Be prepared. Pack well. These are words to live by as far as we’re concerned. Innovative company Pinch Provisions configures emergency kits that operate in everyday situations. So, instead of life-or-death, stranded-in-the-forest type scenarios, their kits are there for you when your day hits a snag or you forget something essential. 

The Pinch Provisions Gym Kit is filled with stuff that will make sure you stay looking sharp, smelling good, and feeling your best when you head for a workout. Throw it in your gym bag and the next time you’re caught off guard because you sprout a blister, get a hangnail, forget deodorant, or have a gym short malfunction, you’ll be covered (thanks to the blister balm, nail clippers, deodorant wipes, and safety pin, respectively). There are fifteen items in total, all housed in a handsome zippered case that will happily hang out in your gym bag, eternally ready for when you need it.

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