Pioneer Matter 10XD Ripstop Bifold Wallet

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Carrying your preferred method of payment doesn’t get much easier than this simple, bifold wallet in black with a crosshatch pattern in white.  The slim profile and durable construction can be credited to the materials used, namely 10XD ripstop fabric composed of ultra-strong UHMW polyethylene fibers – the same basic material used in military body armor and cut-resistant kitchen gloves.  In other words, the Pioneer Matter Bifold Wallet could stop a Ginsu.
Okay, so it’s not exactly designed to ward off a knife attack, but this minimalist wallet will hold 6-8 cards and folded bills with two card slots (one on each fold) backed by pockets for extra cards and cash.  Durable materials and construction are designed to stand the test of time, but just in case, there’s a 10-year manufacturer warranty against defects or materials failure. – Shop Now

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