Pizza Czar: Recipes from a World-Traveling Pizza Chef

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As far as dream jobs go, international pizza consultant ranks up there with pro Caribbean snorkeler and race car tester. Anthony Falco earned his pizza cred at the achingly famous Roberta’s Pizza in Brooklyn and then went on to show people how to improve their pizza skills and assist with pizzeria openings in places as far from NYC as Kuwait, Japan, and Thailand. 

Knowing how to bake pies in all of those locations isn’t just cool, learning about variations caused by elevation and humidity is a critical skill. He also got the chance to learn how pizza is done in places like Brazil and India. With a travelogue of his pizza adventures paired up with recipes, techniques, how-tos, and pizza history, Pizza Czar: Recipes from a World-Traveling Pizza Chef will help you make a beautiful pie, wherever you live, with a slew of different recipes.

There’s even one for a buttercrust pan pizza that recreates the taste of one of the most nostalgic pizzas for Gen Xers everywhere — 1980s Pizza Hut slices. 

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