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The best thing about the phone on your camera: it’s always with you. When you crest a hill on a hike. When your beer arrives too beautiful to drink before it’s photographed… Your phone is there. Polaroid Go was designed to be so small you can wear it on your person. And instead of simply adding to your already maxed-out storage in the cloud, you get a tangible, physical memento in about fifteen minutes. 

The film is classic Polaroid style with the iconic white border — just smaller. Measuring just over two inches across, these palm-sized photos are reminiscent of a photo booth pic, but your background options are limitless and real-world. 

Billed as the smallest analog instant camera in the world, it’s got a few features that let you get creative, like the selfie mirror and self timer. There’s even a double exposure option to let you get a little artsy with your shots. Available for pre-order now, the Polaroid Go will run you about $100 for the camera and another $20 for 16 shots of film.  

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Black Friday Sales