Porsche Design x Huawei GT 2 Smartwatch

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It doesn’t get much more sleek or distinctive on the road than Porsche’s legendary auto designs, and it’s pretty fitting that over the years, Porsche Design has gone far, far beyond the auto world — and in the coolest, sharpest way possible. From slick sneakers to the new Porsche Design x Huawei GT 2 Smartwatch, Porsche gear is something to be reckoned with (to say the very least). In this case, you’re getting a sharp-as-heck smartwatch that’s every bit as pleasing to the eye and performance-minded as a Porsche automobile, and that’s surely saying something. 

The company calls its new watch collaboration “classic yet luxurious,” and we’d be hard-pressed to argue with that statement. This tough-yet-refined titanium watch features Porsche Design branding on the bezel itself, to go along with even more functionality than you thought possible (take your pick from 100-plus workout modes, for instance). It’s as if Porsche Design and Huawei have thought of everything and well, that’s because … they have. 

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