Port Products Marine Layer Under Eye Recovery Gel

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Especially in matters of men’s grooming, it seems there are areas that just get overlooked — case in point, what you’re putting on your face every single day. To be more specific: The eye gel or cream that you might — or might not — be using. We’re here to change that today with the Port Under Eye Recovery Gel, a small essential that can go a long way in refreshing your look and your overall morning (and nightly) routine with ease.

A great under eye gel, like the one shown here, is a surefire way to spruce up your face, smooth fine lines and reduce puffiness and swelling. This is as essential on a regular day as it is when you’ve had one too many IPAs the night before — we’ve all been there. Red algae and kelp are unique ingredients that fight puffiness at the source, and although this Port Products Under Eye Recovery Gel is a spend at $40, it’s one that’s assuredly worth it (at least, in our estimation).

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