Proof 72-Hour Merino Ultralight Hoodie

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Do you think you could go 72-hours wearing the same sweater? Easy right? How about wearing said sweater nonstop? Probably sounds like a breeze. How about wearing that sweater for three days non-stop with no odor whatsoever? Bet you’re smiling now.

The 72-Hour Merino Ultralight Hoodie from Proof promises to make your life much easier — and your laundry load much smaller. Part of the brand’s Merino collection, the magic comes from the wool itself — a luxe ultra-soft material that’s stronger than cotton, and contrary to popular belief, doesn’t itch. Lightweight in design, it’s just a tad heavier than an average t-shirt, but with the added benefit of sun protection in warm weather, or an extra layer when the temperature drops. The natural properties of the fabric wicks moisture, absorbs odors and regulates temperatures, while nylon reinforcement makes it extremely wrinkle resistant.

Price: $138

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