Proof Stealth Down Full Zip Jacket

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At a glance, Proof’s Stealth Down Full Zip Jacket looks to be a solid everyday jacket. And it is. But peel back a layer at a time of the incredible details on this coat, and you’ll find a highly technical outdoorsman’s jacket hiding in plain sight.

Proof has added a generous portion of down to this jacket without sacrificing their ethics, sourcing down certified by the Responsible Down Standard (that guarantees the feathers come from animals that have not been harmed). That prime insulating material is sandwiched between two bonded layers, ensuring that it will retain its shape no matter how often you wear it. That’s paired with hardware that stays close to the jacket (and out of your way) and a durable water repellent finish for all-weather wear. It’s definitely worth adding to your three-season wardrobe as a staple everyday jacket.

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