Puebco Vintage Tent Oven Mitts

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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you need to change your oven mitts. The hardened mozzarella patches and pizza sauce splotches are getting out of hand. But instead of grabbing some “Kiss the Chef” monstrosities from the dollar store, get something far cooler with these beasties from Puebco.  

Puebco makes usable home goods from retired, vintage supplies. In the case of their Vintage Tent Oven Mitts, that supply was a canvas tent, and the useful item is a pair of hot-handling, hand-protecting gloves that you slide on when the pizza timer dings. 

Thanks to the pre-owned nature of the tent fabric, the mitts already have a lovely patina, to which you’ll add your own battle scars, burn marks, and yes pizza sauce splotches. All in the name of stellar kitchen style. 

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