Puma Smartwatch

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There are prominent sportswear brands that continue to get all the more innovative and groundbreaking, and atop that list might just sit Puma. Yes, that’s right. The lauded footwear makers are now masters of active gear and apparel for the modern consumer, and the Puma Smartwatch fits handsomely along that new ethos.

Retailing for under $300 — a relative rarity in the smartwatch market — the Puma Smartwatch is designed be the type of smartwatch you put on and forget about. That is to say, you’ll forget about damaging it or worry whether it can stand up to the rigors of your everyday.

What you won’t forget about are features like the built-in GPS and heart rate monitor, handy weather updates, and the fact that you can sync it up easily to your iPhone or Android. It’s one heck of a smartwatch for one heck of a price — pair it with some Puma sneakers while you shop around, naturally.

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