Pyro Cage MINI

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When we saw pyro in the name, we were curious. When we saw the all-steel, US-made construction, we were intrigued. The fact that it packs flat, heats a group, and doubles as a cook surface, made us fully smitten. Everything Kansas steelworker Proud Pyro makes is built to withstand a lifetime (or two) of use and it’s all meant to improve the way you use fire. The Pyro Cage Mini is a portable cube of laser-cut steel that packs down flat into six individual sides. The panels fit together with zero tools and despite the “mini” name, it can fit logs over a foot in length. 

The bottom panel keeps the fire off the ground, improving burn safety, and the top not only encloses the fire to reduce escaping embers, it also doubles as a tough-as-steel cooktop that can accommodate your favorite cast iron pan or griddle. The side handles make it easy to move the Pyro Cage (when there’s no fire inside) and the included handle tool allows you to take off the top panel to add more wood (even when there is a fire inside). Since it’s steel, it’ll only look more awesome the more times you use it, and with the ability to fit under a truck or car seat, we’re betting you’ll use it a lot.

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