Q Timex Reissue Blacked Out Edition

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Timex revolutionized the watch world in 1979 with the introduction of its first quartz-powered watch: The Timex Q. Where other watchmakers were avoiding quartz in favor of mechanical watches, Timex embraced it — and ended up with one of their most successful watches in history. Try to find one of the original Q watches today, though, and you’d better be willing to shell out some serious cash (if you can find one at all).

Thankfully, Timex has followed suit with many other watchmakers by re-releasing new editions of their most timeless timepieces. And the Q Timex Reissue Blacked Out edition is every bit as beautiful as the original, right down to the massive “QUARTZ” on the face that first differentiated it from the competition. It even has the original removable battery door on the case back, letting you replace the battery without help from a jeweler.

In short, if your style trends anywhere towards vintage, you should pick up one of these reissued Q Timex watches.

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