Regal East Mediterranean Style Bel Air Mansion

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If you happen to have 50 million or so extra dollars laying around, there are certainly worse things you could spend your money on than a sprawling mansion in the hills of the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

It’s true: You can finally live out your dreams of becoming a fresh prince, complete with heavily guarded and gated compound and a lavishly-appointed wine cellar. That’s really just a taste of everything that the Regal East manor has to offer though, since the lower level of the home reveals a whole Mall of America’s worth of luxuries, including a modest 20,000 square foot entertainment room, an entire resort spa and pool room, courts for basketball and racquetball, and a full bar to retreat to when your life of opulence just gets to be too much for you.

  • Price: $49,900,000
  • Beds: 8
  • Baths: 20
  • Size: 36,000 Square Feet, 2 Acres

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