Relwen Channel Boarder

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If you visit the digital pages of our site regularly, you might see that we sure do love the rugged, dependable and classically designed gear being sold by Relwen. The brand draws heavily on a great source of ongoing menswear inspiration — that’d be the functional roots and design of the U.S. military, and that’s a look we appreciate.

The Channel Boarder embodies this functionally focused design quite nicely, with an added dash of style thrown in. It specifically plays off classic ‘90s snowboarding outerwear, using a ripstop fabric construction and a seriously cool olive color (again, there’s that blend of function and fashion).

We also appreciate the stand-up collar for extra protection from the elements. The quilted shell is treated with a laminate that is waterproof yet breathable along with a warm recycled polyester insulation, which together ensure this jacket provides durability and tough style no matter how bad winter weather gets — you can count on it.

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