Relwen Quilted Shirt Jacket

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Details and more details are the name of the game with Relwen’s Quilted Shirt Jacket. You can wear this guy most of the year since the cotton flannel twill is brushed, making it insulating but still breathable. The interior is lightweight ripstop, and further insulation comes by way of durable polyester. Like a perfectly-baked lasagna, each level plays an individual role, layered to utmost effectiveness.

All of this mid-weight functionality comes together to create a casual but not sloppy, and workwear-leaning but not bulky piece of outerwear that’s appropriate out in the world or in the great indoors of a bar or airport. The textured shades of blue, a sort-of denim aesthetic, is combined with a hunter’s blaze orange, resulting in a flannel that’s unique but not loud. So basically, all of the coolest subgenres of outdoor style.

Price: $248

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