Relwen Utility Trap Blazer

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Just the thought of shopping for — or heck, wearing — a blazer might cause most guys to head for the hills. But that’s not the case with the Relwen Utility Trap Blazer. It’s perhaps the one blazer you need right now, and here’s why we say that. It’s on the market now thanks to military heritage-inspired style brand Relwen, a company that knows a thing or two about delivering versatile updates to tried-and-true pieces.

Take the men’s blazer — more commonly seen as a bit stuffy (think of the navy wool, gold-button number you wore to Sunday school). No sir, the Relwen Utility Trap Blazer is a world apart, and in the best way possible.

Made with stretch cotton and featuring unlined shoulders for a supremely easygoing fit, the Utility Trap Blazer is designed to be worn like a traditional blazer or more like a jacket — you can flip the collar up for extra utility without missing a beat. That makes it the perfect blazer for spring travel or a day at the office in equal measure. Soon enough, you won’t want to go anywhere unless you’re wearing the Relwen Utility Trap Blazer. – Shop Now

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