Ridge Aluminum Wallet + Money Clip

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If you’re a guy used to carrying around a thick, bulky leather wallet, get ready to make a big change for the better. That change comes in the form of the Ridge Aluminum Wallet and Money Clip, a one-of-a-kind piece that can accommodate varying numbers of cards and varying amounts of cash thanks to handy design touches.

Part wallet, part money clip, it’s slim and weighs only 2oz., and when you consider that the money clip portion of the device is made with pure aircraft-grade titanium, it’s remarkably effective and durable. It also slides right into your front pocket, and the brand notes that it alleviates lower back pain from lugging around a heavy wallet in the process. For your everyday commute and your adventures the rest of the time, it pays off to have a hefty, tough and effective wallet-money clip combo — that goes for whether you’re dressed casually for the weekend or ready for a day at the office.

Ridge Wallet + Money Clip

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