Ring Always Home Cam

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Remember Wheatly from Portal 2? The eyeball bot that helps you escape from the research facility? Here’s the first step towards making the chatty, bumbling helper part of our lives. From the alarm and doorbell brand Ring (now owned by Amazon), the Always Home Cam travels a preset flightpath through your home (not unlike Wheatley’s initial rail) and sends you a video feed about what’s going on in your home when you’re not in it.

This will no doubt appeal to those always wondering whether or not the stove was left on or a candle was left burning. Just show the camera the different paths you want it to take, making sure to include a swing by those pesky oven dials. Then when the fear strikes, you can fire up the Ring app and tell the Always Home Cam to journey to the kitchen so you can see for yourself that the stove is indeed off. 

Used in conjunction with a Ring alarm, you can use the cam to get a closeup view of your home when you get the alert that an alarm was triggered. As of now, the cam doesn’t have the ability to talk or listen. But we will all mark this moment as an important step towards the day when we all have our own hovering personal assistants. Hopefully without Wheatley’s problematic betrayal issues. 

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