Rise Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

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Spending more time at home has meant trying to do for ourselves what others once did for us — home haircuts, pizzas from scratch, and for some of us, actually making our own coffee. While a standard drip isn’t going to throw anybody off too much, trying to add those smooth, creamy nitrogen bubbles to your brew isn’t as easy as those baristas make it look. But here’s a company doing nitro cold brew coffee the right way. 

Made by Rise Brewing, these canned concoctions are made from premium (as in, organic, high altitude, Peruvian) cold brew coffee that’s been conditioned with nitrogen for a creamy feel and a refreshingly smooth finish. But better than that, Rise Nitro has one and a half times the caffeine and seventy percent less acidity than regular coffee. Their flavors include original black, a latte with oat milk, and a mocha — all seven ounces each, and ready to ship. The only part you’ll have to do yourself is open the can.

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