Roam Adventure Co. Rugged Case

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My personal camping game leveled up like five notches after discovering the magic of case organization. Keeping gear, supplies, odds, ends, and everything else stored in portable crates changed camping from something that was planned and prepared for days into something that just happened on a given Friday afternoon. Only way to make it better? Put that gear in one of these. 

Miles beyond any hardware store lug, Roam Adventure Co.’s Rugged Cases are designed to keep dust, water, bugs, and pests out, with your gear safely protected inside. The 52-liter size fits easily in the back of a truck, obviously, but can even go behind the seat in most cars. The flexible nylon rope handles make it easy to lug the cases in and out of your vehicle, and the interlocking design means you can stack your kitchen case atop your fire/basecamp case without everything sliding around. 

The cases are built from LLDPE, a polymer that’s tough, impact-, puncture-, and cracking-resistant. Military-grade gaskets keep the cases tight and lockable latches keep everything secure. Whether you use them for drop-of-a-hat camping or just keeping your truck organized, there’s no doubt you’ll be using these for a long time. 

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