Rogue 2019 Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout

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For every brewery that puts its weight behind producing ever-more exotic styles of beer, there seems to be at least one or two breweries that innovate on their own terms, sticking to what’s been done before while updating it in a way that’s authentic … and delicious. That might sound like quite the manifesto, but it’s what West Coast-based Rogue continues to do, year after year.

The 2019 edition of the Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout is a creation that’s entirely the brewery’s from start to finish, right down to the fact that it’s aged in barrels previously used to make the company’s own Dead Guy Whiskey. It’s that care and attention to detail that results in a rich, enviable stout with plenty of notes of chocolate and coffee.

This is the type of beer you can cellar for years, or enjoy right away on a chilly winter night in the company of fellow craft beer lovers — when you find a brewery that’s this authentic and committed to its mission, you stick with it. We sure are glad Rogue has stuck to its guns. – Learn More

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