Rogue 2020 Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout

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There are times when the noise in the craft beer world (figurative noise) reaches a fever pitches — new releases, low-ABV beers, seltzers aplenty … but what about when you want a bold, no-holds-barred beer that takes no prisoners? The kind of beer that makes you appreciate the one-of-a-kind approach that makes the world of beer so special? That’s where you want to imbibe the 2020 Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout — it’s the type of rich, bold beer deserving of attention and a space in your beer fridge.

The difference is in the details both big and small — take the fact that this incredible beer is aged nine months in whiskey barrels, resulting in a whopping 13.6 percent ABV. The fact that the whiskey barrels were used to make Rogue’s Dead Guy Whiskey is a huge benefit, too. This is a beer to be savored and enjoyed, befitting of a brewery that’s never backed down from making unapologetically eye-catching brews.

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