Rogue 2021 Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout

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Some breweries are content to just make beer. Not Rogue. Maybe after turning out impressive ales for a few decades, they got a little bored, or maybe it was just a need to put all that careful craftsmanship and know-how to new uses. Their spirits-making efforts started back in 2003 and now they distill gin, vodka, and a full line of whiskies. In 2008 came the introduction of Rogue-grown ingredients from their two Oregon farms. Then in 2015, they opened their own cooperage to make barrels for aging (using Oregon oak, no less).

All of which means the 2021 Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout is very much a Rogue endeavor. First they distilled Dead Guy Whiskey (using Rogue-grown malting barley) then aged that whiskey in Rogue-made barrels. Then they took the whiskey out, added Rogue-brewed imperial stout, and aged it for nine months in the wet and mild coastal Oregon air.

In a generous 500 milliliter size and at a big 13.5 percent ABV, it’s a great candidate for sharing. And while you do, may as well ruminate on whether there’s anything Rogue can’t do.

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