Rogue Brutal IPA

Rogue Brutal IPA

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Rogue brews its beers with an edgy spirit and plenty of flavor and unique quality in mind. That makes the Rogue Brutal IPA a beer you should consider tracking down, trying and enjoying as soon as you can.

This medium-body IPA boasts a 6.3 percent ABV, with big, citrus flavor — just the kind of innovative flavor you should be craving in an IPA that’s anything but brutal, as the brand says. The brand recommends you pair it with seafood and beef, and we certainly agree in that regard — it’s a two-time winner of a bronze medal at the World Beer Championships, and it’s even taken home a European Beer Star.

The awards aren’t the reason you should drink it, though — the excellent flavor and terrific quality and crisp taste are reason enough. Belly up to the bar and grab one at your next happy hour (or heck, before that). Learn more at Rogue Ales.


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