Rogue Dead ‘N’ Dead 2020 Ale

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For 25 years, Dead Guy Ale itself hasn’t changed. The malty, maibock-style beer is a little sweet, not too bitter, with a nice hop check, and a finish of lingering caramel balanced by a mild bite. It’s been Rogue’s biggest beer since forever and it’s pretty much a classic. Even if you’ve never tried it, you’d probably be able to pick the beer out in a lineup. It’s the one with the cross-armed skeleton wearing a hat and holding a mug of what we assume to be the beer in question. For a few years now, Rogue has been messing with Dead Guy Ale. With excellent results. 

Rogue Dead ‘N’ Dead 2020 Ale takes some of that tasty maibock and ages it in the spent barrels of another Dead Guy product, Rogue’s Dead Guy Whiskey — which in turn is crafted from the same malted barley that goes in the beer. It’s a lovely ouroboros-like process and gives Dead ‘N’ Dead notes of oak and vanilla which pair nicely with the toffee and richness of the beer. A fall-only offering, now is the time to run out and grab a delicious new twist on a classic. 

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