Roku Express 4K+

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So I decided to be a little extra and stay in one of those hip and modern fancy hotel rooms. But the TV turned out to be just a TV. Like a regular old flat screen with channels. Not even the good channels. I ended up watching something with a six percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Never more than ever did I wish I had this. Roku has been helping people get into streaming since around the time streaming was a thing. Their digital add-on devices help you get that sweet direct-to-viewer content without having to throw down major dollars on smart TVs and the like. 

This latest version offers 4K quality so your 4K TV can show you what it’s capable of. And the extra simple remote can control the power and volume on your screen while also giving you one more home electronic you can operate with just the sound of your voice. For just $40 you get the player and a high quality HDMI cable — they even throw in the batteries for the remote. 

It’s perfect for those who are ready to get into the streaming game, or for those who upgraded to a smart TV and want to use their old TV to stream in another room. It’s also pretty great for those who venture to hotel rooms and no longer trust that the ability to stream is a given. 

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