Sail Away Sleigh Ride Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

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What’s not to love about canned coffee? It’s convenient, tasty, and increasingly made by people who put the same level of care and consideration into a can as a boutique coffee roastery puts into a cup. Sail Away Coffee uses a proprietary, organic Central American blend of beans and nitro-infusion for a creamy, less-acidic brew. Come holiday time, though, they take that delicious base and do something a little decadent. 

The Sleigh Ride Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is back in time to make all things merrier, brighter, and buzzier by adding peppermint, cacao, and a touch of sugar to the substantial 220 mg of caffeine (about the same as three espresso shots). They casually suggest adding a bit of schnapps to the brew and we can’t think of a better way to soar through a winter’s day.

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