Salt Point Moscow Mule

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It was nowhere and then it was everywhere. Like drone pics. Or Pokémon. Moscow Mules are nothing new, but try ordering one 5 years ago and you’d get a face full of confused bartender. Now every third bar patron is holding a copper cup. Just an uncomplicated mix of vodka, ginger brew and lime, it’s really not surprising everyone is into it. But what if you want to take that mule camping?

Salt Point, a little enterprise up in Santa Cruz, has been working hard, packing American vodka, spicy ginger, and lime into easy to haul cans. No, the can is not made out of copper, we checked. Apparently that would make it, “insanely expensive.” Whatever. But you can always pour your Moscow Mule into the penny-flavored container of your choice. Or just drink the dang thing. Learn more at Salt Point.

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