Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro jumps even further into the future than its predecessors with several upgrades that not only level up the convenience factor, but save you a lot of time. First off, its battery is upped to a 590mAh capacity, which means up to literally 80 hours of life on a single charge, or around 20 hours of non-stop GPS use—on much less charging time. The 5 Pro takes just half an hour to get up to 45% from zero battery.

It’s also the first wearable to have a 29GPa sapphire crystal display, offering much more durability than the 4. Mercifully, this extra strength doesn’t come with extra bulk. Its titanium construction is as strong as stainless steel but far lighter, and is equipped with a touch bezel, resulting in a comfortable 10.5mm height. Basically, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro works smarter, not harder.

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