Samuel Adams Sam ’76

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Samuel Adams isn’t a brewery to sit back and rest on its laurels — that’s been true throughout the years, and is equally true now, thanks to the lauded brewery’s introduction of its new Sam ‘76, a brew that we’re very much looking forward to trying out as soon as we can.

Sam ‘76, as the brewery notes, is a “revolutionary new beer” with a fitting combo of some of the best of the best ingredients out there. It’s a combo of ale and lager yeast strains, all the better to turn into a brew that boasts the “slight fruitiness of an ale with the balanced drinkability and smoothness of a lager.” That’s a unique beer well worth having in our book, at nearly any time of year (although it might do best around a backyard bonfire this spring or on that first summer boating trip — which will both be here before you know it). In the meantime, raise a glass and drink up. Learn more at Samuel Adams.