Santa Fe Happy Camper IPA

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Full disclosure: a certain GearMoose scribe honestly believes this to be the best beer ever brewed by man or beast. While we won’t say who, we’ll just let it be known that Santa Fe Brewing Company’s Happy Camper IPA is (possibly) the best beer ever brewed by man or beast. It debuted in a can in 2010 (the first of their brews to do so) and became the New Mexican preference for what to drink when camping, barbecuing, or watching the sun go down.

Hoppy and strong, this unpretentious IPA combines five hops for a spicy and juicy satisfying ale that always seems to leave you wanting just one more. Santa Fe Brewing has made their way into nine states at present, as far east as Missouri and as far west as Nevada. Those far from the Southwest: it’s worth a trip to the Land of Enchantment to get your hands on a can. Promise. Learn more at Santa Fe Brewing Co.

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